Smart Operations Management

Your success in business depends on your decisions. Smart Vision will help you to take another step towards success with 'Smart Operations Management' (SOM), It might seem unbelievable but it’s true. These profitable solutions have never been as accessible before. Our Proposed SOM aims to establish state of the art enterprise-class Technical solutions that are solid, reliable, secure & scalable to address the Current and the future needs of Office Management. It is fully automated solution, easy to use & affordable system. More than that, it has wonderful features as highlighted below:

  • Creates paperless environment.
  • High level integration in order to make coordination between various modules so easy.
  • The application is fully role based.
  • Provides several convenient methods for searching and retrieving information.
  • The system will grant access for some beneficiaries on specific Data Sources and allowing them to analyze and create indicators.
  • Flexible to accommodate any needed changes without difficulty.
  • High end search options and graphics support.
  • Informative support manuals & lot more

How We Work in our SOM


Help Desk

  • Smart Vision Help Desk
  • ADEC Help Desk
  • NTA Help Desk
  • Etisalat Help Desk
  • PTCL Help Desk
  • HDMO Consolidated

Project Management

  • Bank Guarantee
  • Inventory Management
  • Preventive Maintenances
  • Service Quote
  • PO-IN Management
  • Accounts Receivable

Sales & Marketing

  • Sales & Marketing
  • CRM

Customer Relationship

  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Vendor/Customer Registration


  • Mail Box
  • Telephone
  • Travel Management
  • Finance
  • Reports
  • Documents Hub

Customer Relationship

  • Administration
  • HR Management
  • Pay Roll
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