Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer registration
  • Customer Employee Profile
  • General Correspondence Register
  • CRM Employee Activity
  • Event register
  • Event organizer
  • Reports on above
  • CRM employee products of interest
  • Product Inquiry Review
  • Uploads documents on above

Email,Reminder & Notification

The functionalities are :

  • Customer registration
  • Notification/ reminders on all important dates
  • Payment reminders
  • Expiry reminders
  • Mail Box

Activity monitoring and Security Log

  • View all activities
  • Summary of activities
  • Security log should for any kind of changes in the data (like addition, editing, deletion etc.) with the user name, date and time

As per the system’s audit policy it contains records of login/logout activity or other security-related events. This keeps up a detailed history of data management made and by the user with the help of version controlling mechanism.

Email Management

  • Management and archiving of important mails for the organization.
  • Preventing communication with black listed contacts by integrating with administration section.
  • Scheduling for incoming/outgoing mail distribution based on the recorded date and time
  • Classification of incoming mail as Confidential , Business Related ,Private etc
  • Complete History Tracking of Inbox and Outbox
  • Email reminders
  • Assigning reference number to the email
  • Categorize the email
  • Failed communication handling
  • Email achieving

This module integrates with User Account Management and administration section, Activity Monitoring & Security Log, to perform its operation. Email systems centrally capture emails created and received by the whole application.

Flexible queues and routing rules assure that email gets to the right person .The interaction history, an integrated knowledge base and pre-response templates are available in this module.

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