Beyond Queuing

General Features

  • Centralized multi-branch customer flow management system.
  • Manage multiple branches from a central location using a web based administration interface.
  • Touch-screen kiosk for ticket issuing. Available in free-standing or table top models.
  • Web based soft keypad (Supports PC, tablets and mobile ).
  • LCD counter display with rich text and graphics, Wired or Wireless, Android based controller.
  • Call token numbers (Play sound) in multiple languages.
  • Large LCD Queues status and advertisement display.
  • System usage and performance dashboard and Reports from the centralized web module
  • Supports integration with external systems (Optional).
  • Secure with user credentials, privileges.
  • Email or SMS notification (customer alerts/notifications, system technical/performance alerts or notifications)- (Optional.)
  • Mobile application for customers to book appointment, book ticket, and locate branches etc.
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