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  • Collecting real time feedback to get an Insight of customer behavior.
  • Measuring customers satisfaction on the provided services In order to identify the innovative techniques to improve the quality of offered services.
  • Measuring employee satisfaction in order to achieve high level of productivity.
  • Ability to publish surveys across different channels to increase the likelihood of people responding.
  • Provide internal escalation workflow for the responses and alert people in the business who are then empowered to act upon it.
  • Assist with the recovery of dissatisfied customers to support the business’s customer retention strategies.
  • Delivering tangible data that can be used to make better & wise business decisions to help aligning strategy with tactics.
  • Estibyan Supports Android & iOS Operating systems.

Collaboration with other systems:

  • Estibyan "Happy Staff" (Integration with Time and Attendance System).
  • Estibyan integration with Beyond Queuing system for receiving feedback on the provided services.
  • Estibyan application for the price checker devices for the Retail industry.
  • Estibyan (Directory Browsing) for healthcare industry.
  • Estibyan integration with Helpdesk Solutions.

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