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Our Commitments

Solutech Software Pvt. Ltd. is a premier IT company that deals with professional IT solutions,CCTV and Access Control.As an organisation we are committed to our responsibilities towards the customer,our employees and environment.

We are committed towards :

  1. Sustainability

    Our commitment to sustainability starts at our daily work ethics.We possess both the culture and the talent to deliver lasting results for complex,multi-disciplinary long-term projects.We promote the technical interaction required to create robust,system-based and integrated sustainable solutions,producing tangible benefits for the environment,communities and our Clients’ business success.

    "We believe that sustainability is more than just a buzzword or an optional extra.At Solutech,it’s a non-negotiable that we endeavor to apply to every project we undertake.

    We strive to embed sustainability into our strategic direction at every turn,not just give it lip service:from the earliest stage of conceptual design through to completion. "

  2. Renewable Energy

    We have always focused upon using renewable energy as efficiently as possible and promise to continue so in future.

  3. Community

    We leverage our global network and expertise to help develop the communities we work in,empower social enterprises. We believe that the whole company has duties towards its community and have chosen to commit ourselves in patronage operations conveying our interest for openness and discovery.

  4. Environment & Safety

    We are committed to:
    • Meeting our customer requirements by applying quality assurance and control measures across all organisational processes.
    • Complying with the all local and federal regulations concerning environmental,health and safety.
    • Ensure a safe working environment for all employees by accessing workplace safety and promoting use of non-hazardous materials.
    • Minimizing the environmental impact of our activities by encouraging the efficient use of utilities including water and electricity,minimizing waste.

The above is a part of our corporate agenda and is regarded as a joint responsibility of management,employees and all stake holders involved in our operations.At Solutech,we believe in synchronizing our operational practices with quality,health and environment standards.We are engaged in continuous improvement through management commitment and employee participation at all levels of organization.

Solutech Software Pvt Ltd.

We are a premier IT Solutions company providing premier management, technical and professional services in the fields of Information Technology and Security Systems.

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